Tim Raue

Berlin, Germany

39 41

Tim Raue has been on the list every year since I started this challenge, hitting 26th in 2022. It is also a Michelin 2-star restaurant.

I enjoy the Netflix show, Chef’s Table. Some of the restaurants on this grand adventure have been featured on the show, including Tim Raue. His episode, however, painted him in a light that seemed… a bit harsh? I suppose it depends on what lens one chooses to view things. Is he meticulous or overbearing? Ultimately, how would this be reflected in our experience?

When Tayaba and I arrived—and throughout the meal, really—the dining room was calm. We were able to choose different tasting menus, a flexibility offered by very few restaurants. And they were very accommodating to food restrictions. It was a surprisingly welcoming experience that made the meal a delight. Being able to have different tasting menus also meant maximizing the experience by being able to sample from each other’s plates.

The menu was Asian-inspired with Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese influences. I hadn’t made too many notes from this meal but did remark that the green curry marshmallow at the beginning was amazing and that the champagne smelled like asparagus pee. Thankfully, it didn’t taste like it! In fact, the whole meal was quite good with wonderful flavour combinations.

The quail dish was succulent and the jus was just right. I feel like I harp on restaurants going way too rich with their sauces and I find myself quite delighted when they’re not. Considering it’s usually the last savoury course, ending on a high note right before going into dessert is always desired and Tim Raue was a delight.

The food scene in Berlin is fantastic and I think Tim Raue is definitely worth making the trip.


39Before this was Belcanto
41After this was Noblehart & Schmutzig
* * *