Noblehart & Schmutzig

Berlin, Germany

40 42

Noblehart was 45th on the list in 2021 and 17th in 2022. It's also a Michelin 1-star restaurant.

As we approach the restaurant from the outside, the exterior is unassuming. We step through the door and there’s a dark drape covering the entrance, providing privacy and warmth to those inside. Beyond that is a wall that separates the foyer from the rest of the restaurant. We are escorted around the wall to the main seating area which is a U-shaped bar with the kitchen preparation area in the middle. There are a few tables that sit against the outside walls but the majority of the guests are sat at the bar.

No photos are allowed inside the restaurant, forcing everybody to be present—and resulting in a spartan post with a lack of documentation showing off this particular meal.

The menu included Tomato, Brotzeit with rye sourdough bread, Cucumber / Dill, Celeriac / Egg yolk, Tomato / Onions, Guinea fowl / Sage, Potato / Horseradish, Raspberry / Sour cherry kernel oil, “Beurre gris” Pear / Buck wheat, and Babka.

Overall, it was a decent meal but towards the bottom of the list for me. Alcohol pairings were fine but not exceptional. Food, focused on local, was tasty but nothing stood out. All-in-all, a perfectly respectable meal.

I wouldn’t go out of my way for this restaurant but if I found myself in Berlin again, I might revisit it for a casual evening.

40Before this was Tim Raue
42After this was Jordnær
* * *