Eleven Madison Park

New York, USA

Eleven Madison Park was the 3rd restaurant on the quest. It was ranked № 1 in 2017 and fell ever so slightly to 4th in 2018. Eleven is also a Michelin 3-star restaurant.

As you might imagine, getting reservations means planning ahead. Reservations for a given month open up on the 1st of the previous month. For our July reservation, we booked June 1st. The rest of the restaurants were planned around this one.

The service from the moment we walked in the door was fantastic. Our host was cheerful and friendly throughout the meal.

The food. Oh my god, the food. The meal was incredible. I was nearly to tears with how good the food was.

Most of the dishes have a seasonal twist on them. Being in the thick of summer, corn was a common thread through some of the courses. Caviar served on top of a corn soufflé with a cream sauce, for example, was fantastic.

Chef Daniel Humm himself said, “The duck is probably the only recipe that I feel I have perfected fully.”

And it was fantastic. I highly recommend choosing the duck option, if you have the chance.

By far my favourite dish was the foie gras. Absolute perfection. Each bite was bliss and I savoured it through and through. Nothing I’ve had before or since compares to this dish.

One other interesting tidbit was that we prepaid for our meal when we made the booking. This actually made the end of the meal quite pleasant. There was nothing to sign and no large bill to pretend wasn’t some insanely large amount. It also meant not feeling uncomfortable about how much to tip. I wish more restaurants did this.

Verdict: Worth it. I will fly around the world to go here.

Before this was Cosme
After this was Le Bernardin
* * *